2024 Event Accommodations

An amazing walled and gated Air BnB Compound—one of the largest in Vegas—has been booked for the event. The compound includes three homes, all of which are single story. There is a HUGE backyard with lots of patio space and a pool. The location is 10 minutes or less from the airport, 15 or so from the strip, and near lots of restaurants, grocery stores, etc. There is also parking for 17 cars at the location.

You must reserve a room in advance by emailing Leigh Dreyer at leighdreyerauthor@gmail.com.

Those staying on location at our venue will have a discount of some kind for the conference, details TBD.

Available rooms include:

Main Houses:

Bedroom 1 – 3 Queens
Bedroom 2 – 2 Queens
Bedroom 3 – 1 Queen
Bedroom 4 – 2 Queens
Bedroom 5 – 2 Queens
Bedroom 6 – 2 Queens
Bedroom 7 – 1 Queen
Bedroom 8 – 1 Queen
Bedroom 9 – 1 Queen*

Back Guest House

Bedroom 1 – 2 Kings
Bedroom 2 – 2 Queens
Bedroom 3 – 1 Queen
Bedroom 4 – 2 Queens

*This bedroom is tiny and has a LOW ceiling about 6 ft tall in the center. We call it the Hobbit room. It is best for kids or smaller adults.

For specific accessibility questions, please email Leigh Dreyer at leighdreyerauthor@gmail.com.

Room prices will be based on how many are staying—for example, if it is a single room/single bed with one person, the price will be higher than a three-queen room with three people staying. If you have someone you would like to share a room with, let us know and we will accommodate that. Likewise, if you would like to share a room, but don’t have someone in mind, let us know and we will try to accommodate that as best we can.

To reserve a room, you must email Leigh Dreyer at leighdreyerauthor@gmail.com.

If you are coming and have any allergies or strong food preferences (religious needs, vegetarian, etc.) please let us know for planning purposes. We are not providing alcohol, but feel free to BYOB.

As of right now, the price per room works out to be around $300/night/room.

For any questions, please contact Leigh Dreyer at leighdreyerauthor@gmail.com.