Get Your Canvas Goodie Bag!

Canvas Goodie Bags are $19.95 this year, to cover flat rate shipping* and PayPal’s processing fee. Please feel free to register for one of our 50 Canvas Goodie Bags no matter where you live.**

If you are attending the In-Person Get Together this October 13th – 15th, you will receive a canvas goodie bag. You do not need to order one.

The $19.95 fee is to cover shipping and PayPal fees. If you are attending the In-Person Get Together in Tyson’s Corner, VA, you will receive your bag in person, and are guaranteed a bag as part of your registration. You do not need to register here. Summer will hand you your goodie bag, no shipping required.

Order your Canvas Goodie Bag for $19.95.

2023 Goodie Bags are Sold Out!

We’re Sorry!

Canvas Goodie Bags will be on sale October 3rd at 3PM – October 9th, and will be shipped on the 10th.

Thank you so much to all of our amazing goodie bag contributors!

Win a Canvas Goodie Bag!

The chance to enter is over. Winners will be announced later today, October 2nd, and the remaining bags will go on sale on October 3rd at 3PM EST.

This year’s winners are: Tere G., Wendy L., and Melanie R. Congratulations!

*Whenever possible, we will choose a less expensive shipping method (which will only be possible when shipping to states near New York), which will help cover the cost of shipping bags to places outside the Continental US while keeping the goodie bags fee the same for all.

**Please feel free to register for a Canvas Goodie Bag no matter where you live, but if I (Summer) get to the post office and find out the price of mailing it to you is too excessively insane no matter how slowly I ship it, I will contact you to talk about possible solutions. Thank you for understanding!

For any question, issues or comments, please contact Summer at

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